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What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids or piles are varicose veins that are under the mucous membrane of the final part of the colon and rectum. They are swollen blood vessels that have expanded under pressure. Hemorrhoids look like protrusions, or nodules, and depending on the severity and stage of the disease can be different sizes.

The compound of the arteries and veins in the final part of the colon is direct. In case when the compound is always open (as is the case of hemorrhoids) there is an increase in blood flow, which results in an extension of hemorrhoidal veins and only increase hemorrhoidal nodes, ie. hemorrhoids.

Even in ancient times, Hippocrates treated hemorrhoids, but they are due to modern lifestyles are considered modern disease. Some assumptions suggest that over 50% of people above 30 years of age has a negative experience with hemorrhoids, and that the number of persons with symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease continues to increase.

Hemorrhoids and their role in the body.

You hemorrhoids do not necessarily represent the disease, they have the disease only when they become symptomatic, and otherwise represent a normal structure with its function. Their primary function is to preserve continence, that is. retention of gas and liquid stools. The second function is to protect the upper part of the anal channels from mechanical injury.