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Hemorrhoid Treatment

In use since 1978. Using a probe on hemorrhoids we are applying for a second infrared wavelength range 700-800 nm that causes coagulation of proteins. The vein is thus closed, and the hemorrhoidal tissue is squeezed.

The application of infrared coagulation does not require anesthesia (tranquilizer). The procedure is not more painful than anoscopy and takes about one minute. It is performed by the patient lying on his left side, the same way as the anoscopy exam. The method causes less pain and other complications than placing rubber ligature, and is equally effective. IR radiates on the tissue to a depth of 3 mm and the procedure is not suitable for the treatment of larger internal hemorrhoids because it can reduce their volume. The method is most suitable for initial hemorrhoids that are too small for clamping and cause symptoms (bleeding, burning).

After ligation: You will be immediately able to leave home and perform daily activities The first few days, avoid heavy lifting and intense physical exercise Stool should be soft and without stress Avoid long sitting on the toilet and reading, telephoning or playing on your cell phone while sitting on the toilet We recommend baths in lukewarm chamomile as quickly as possible after ligation